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sudden allergies are killing me physically and emotionally 
12:50am 26/11/2005
  i have posted in the past about my ferrets. and that i was moving out and needed to find a home for them. i had a lot of trouble trying to find a home for them considering that they are a bit old and not exactly healthy. so...i decided not to move out and keep my babies. now...since then....i have become severly allergic to them. sigh. i had gastric bypass surgery in april. and sice them my body has changed a lot. im suddenly allergic to things i was never allergic to before. i have been sick for about 2 months now not realizing it was my babies making me sick. i also had a kidney tranplant a few years back which prevents me from being able to get allergy shots bc they are bad for the kidneys. (since i only have one). anyway.....ive tried so hard to find them a home and as i type this out i am crying my eyes out. no one is willing to take 2 old ferrets that are sick themselves. the idea of taking them to a shelter is killing me inside. but i found a no kill shelter near by. god this hurts so much. but i have to take care of myself first u know? i beg of u guys to please not send back mean responses saying im a shitty owner and should be put in a shelter myself. and now i have to leave these ferret communities bc seeing it everyday will kill me inside even more. i hope they find a better home.

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chicago area ferrets for adoption 
05:41am 24/09/2005
  i own two ferrets that i think i may need to give away. as much as it pains me to say. i know the chances of finding a good home for them is probably slim. they are both around 5 years old. and i know they both arent very healthy lately. i cant afford vet bills, and lately i cant even really afford the food and litter. im on disability myself. im not a bad owner by any means please understand that. i just think that i love them enough to give them away to a better home. i dont have time anymore either so they dont get to get out and play like they should. or do i got a chance to upkeep the cage like i should. it hurts me to write this because i truely believe that if u get a pet, its for life. like having a child. i also have to move out soon and i know i cant bring them with. also...i know this sounds incredibly selfish, but, i dont want to watch them die. i dont think i could handle that. and i know there has to be someone out there that adopts older ferrets. i live in the chicago area. i prefer they stay together. im just trying to be honest. so please dont respond with nast things to say.

here are some pictures of my babies. i have a brown one named hunny and an albino named sweety. anyone who adopts them can have the giant cage with stand and toys and everything. even a little latter i built for them because the stand is over a foot off the ground.

i know i will miss them deeplyCollapse )
05:47pm 02/08/2005
mood: chipper
We have 6 ferrets in our home now, yay!

Riki, Podo, and Tuff are back! Riki seems like a little old lady now, she's so mellow and quiet. It actually scares me. She's five now, and the average life expectancy for a ferret is 8 years. Tuff had adrenal surgery last Wednesday, and his tummy is healing nicely. He even has the gumption to push Cubby around! Podo has turned into quite a gentleman. No more biting - not noses, not toeses! He even let me hold him for 10 minutes straight on Sunday when they first got home.

We were really worried about Cubby attacking the new (old) trio, but all three have kicked butt - nipped, screamed, and intimidated until they are boss.

It's so nice to have them here. Even with 6, no one was awake when I got home today. :(
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NJ Shelter 
10:18am 05/07/2005
mood: blah
I've put out feelers, and gotten a resounding "Scales N Tales!!"

Check out www.scalesandtails.org.

Hope it helps!
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Hello fellow ferret fans! 
01:16am 30/06/2005
mood: chipper
Hello, I'm a newbie here. I'd just like to say hello. I've had ferrets since I was 9 years old starting with a hob named Snowball(R.I.P.). I recued him from a family that was going to have him put to sleep. At first my mother was not fond of having a ferret..but he grew on her and now she is addicted. Since then I've had two more girls, Sable (R.I.P.) and the notorious thief, China Doll. I've been looking for information on ferret adoption centers..but they are so rare. I hope that someday ferrets will be well known of as great pets.
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Astro has passed over the Rainbow Bridge 
06:38pm 17/06/2005
mood: sad
Our little rescued spiny mouse, Astro, has passed over the Rainbow Bridge today. He was getting sicker by the day, and I suspected we might just be providing palliative care. The ignorant teenaged boy who had him starved poor Astro to the point of no return, and nothing we did seemed to help. We gave him all the food he wanted - hamster & gerbil food, cooked egg, fresh apple, romaine lettuce, carrot, and apple. Astro ate all the time, but I guess it was too little, too late. We would have loved to have taken him to see a vet, but we didn't have the funds to spend on a little spiny mouse, much as it pains me to say.

Today he had his head half into a cardboard tube, and his body on it's side, chest heaving. He had never shown any interest in the tubes, so I think he was trying to take himself off to die. I couldn't let him die alone, so I picked him up, and after a few minutes of spasms and wheezing, it was over. I felt the moment his little body went still. I had tears rolling down my face, and I'm still a bit teary. I'm just glad he died in "his hand", as he thought of it.
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Stewie Update 
06:41pm 07/06/2005
mood: blah
He's a bit less of a cuddler now, I think it's because he feels more cared for and secure. He makes up for it by being playful. I've heard him dook quite a bit in the last few days too.

Stewie has stopped attacking the others out of jealosy, and he does scream less around them, except for Cubby. He is trying to be friends, but every time Cubby gets near him before we can stop her, she attacks him (now she's the jealous one!).
Sometimes we separate out Cubby and let her run upstairs and Stewie downstairs with Taz and Odie, and he's starting to get braver. He is almost able to do more than sniff bums or exchange stares.
I think he will settle in just fine with Blain's ferret (she's the one who might adopt him), providing her fuzzbutt is willing to be friends.

X Posted
08:55pm 02/06/2005
mood: thoughtful
Okay, so Stewie is quite the handful.

He definitely doesn't like other ferrets. Mom tried to work her magic and bridge Taz and Stewie to make him understand, but he bit Taz. :P

It seems that although he got the basic necessities, he didn't get the lovin, so he's jealous of any other ferret. He did meet Mom's dog Zoozoo, but I guess he didn't feel in competition with her, so he was fine there.

I'm trying to give him lots of cuddles and lovin, and mathgeek_0001 said we could put a ferret blanket at the foot of our bed, and encourage him to sleep there (just not down in the comforter with us!).

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I might get attached to him this way, so I'm finding out if the potental adopter for him is definite or not. If she is, I'll keep reminding myself, and if she isn't, I'll go ahead and fall in love, and we'll take him. Either way, I know he'll be loved.

I'm hoping that once he feels truly loved, he'll stop feeling a need to be jealous and stalk the others, but he may never get there.

The gal who is interested in him is on some sort of long term disability, so she's home all the time, which would be good for him, but she also has another ferret, which would be tough. I'm sure whatever happens will be the best for Stewie though, no matter.
Foster Kid 
08:03am 31/05/2005
mood: contemplative
We got our new foster ferret, Stewie. He is a sweetheart to people, but he doesn't like other ferrets. He has spent his entire three years as an only ferret, living in one room. He is a beautiful dark-eyed white, and is deaf as a post.

He is afraid the other ferrets will hurt him, but when you watch him, he has the "I'll hurt you before you can hurt me" mentality. He's brought about 3 incidents of scared poops in my babies, so he's staying in our bedroom, while our babies live in the living room and kitchen.

We're trying to slowly integrate him, but I'm going to have to go to the gurus to find out if there's anything else I should be doing to make it easier for him. If that doesn't work, he'll have to be an only ferret.

X posted to my LJ.
10:51pm 30/05/2005
mood: awake
I just thought I'd introduce myself.
I do not own ferrets. In fact, my husband detests the days that I've worked with ferrets because he can smell them on me. But I still love the little guys and I have a great time whenever one comes into the vet clinic where I work.
And I love the great work that the AFS does. Awesome!
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Ferret Manga! 
05:33pm 28/05/2005
mood: amused

Peach Fuzz is a trade paperback manga (Asian comic) produced by Tokyo Pop, created by Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges. It's aimed at children, but the characters are cute and likeable. I think it's a must-have for those of us who love anything ferret-oriented!
12:40pm 28/05/2005
mood: chipper
Welcome to AFS Carpet Sharks! This is a ferret-oriented community, centering around, but not limited to, the Alberta Ferret Society.

If you're here, you're either owned by, or interested in, ferrets. If you're wondering about the name, ferrets are known by those who love them by several nicknames. Fuzzbutts, Carpet Sharks, Furkids, and Ferts are just a few.

Well, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay!